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Local SEO Ranking factors

Local SEO- As the name implies, local SEO utilizes many of the aspects of regular SEO, but is focused on targeting users in a specific location, efforts of local SEO is designed to reach the customers and bring them either onto your site or into your store.


Some of the local SEO ranking factors involve

  • Google My Business
  • Links
  • Citation
  • Reviews
  • On-Page Signals
  • User Experience
  • Personalization


Google My Business- it’s an important part of local SEO, once you created your Google My business listing, make sure that your site is properly optimized. Add high-quality images and company logo.

Links- link signals refers to inbound links to your website, avoid spam links from low-quality sites, instead of that focus on high-quality links. Link Anchor text is the text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link, which can be clicked to open the target web page.

Citation- these signals are concerned with how well your company information can be verified by other online sources and it may come from other business, review sites, or social media platforms.

Reviews- according to Statista 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews. Ask users for honest and productive feedback to improve your reviews, customer reviews become more important for business every year.

On-Page Signals- it’s important to any local SEO strategy, the content on your business site should serve your local audience and the content of each page should be unique no duplicate content, make sure that your content includes targeted keywords.

User Experience- to check whether your site is helpful for visitors or not, behavior sends signals to Google. When the customer arrives at your profile they should know how to find the information they want, if they can’t find easily they will leave your site.

Personalization- make your site mobile friendly is a good standing for local SEO if your site performs poorly for mobile user search engines will downgrade your site.

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