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Website maintenance

Website maintenance is a maintain service which has to done regularly for a business website to run it smoothly and safely. With the help of Website Maintenance services you can avoid some of the errors like 404 errors, this is because you can avoid broken links and prevent dead links.

Which are the tasks that have to be involved in maintaining a website

  • Page Loading Time
  • Security System
  • User Experience
  • Search Engine Ranking

 Here are some of the thing that has to be noted when you maintain your business website are,

  • Website Lockdown
  • Ban Users
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Login with E-mail
  • Password

Important Features to Boost Your Business Website

Have Shorter HTTP Request

Try to minimize HTTP request on your web page, because of each and every component in a web page like image, contents, style sheet, Videos, scripting, Flash, Etc. By having simple and professional website designs you can improve the speed of your website.

Here are some of the designing techniques to improve your web page loading speed

Have to streamline on the elements of your web page

Go through the use of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) instead of using Image. Use them where ever it is possible.

Avoid using multiple style sheets, rather than you can combine many style sheets into a single sheet.

Reduce using more scripts. To improve loading speed scripting must be provided at bottom of the webpage.

Reduce the response time by server

To have a good website loading speed, your server response time must be less than 200 milliseconds.

Include Compression

Large files on your web page are 100kb or more than that, as they are bulky they are slow to download. There the best way to improve loading speed, in this case, that is just zip those file with a technique called compression

Image Optimization

There are 3 things to be noted while including an image on your web page. They are,

  • Size of the Image
  • Format of the Image
  • Attribute of the Image

Reduce the usage of plugins

To boost up your website you must reduce the usage of a number of plugins on your website. Because of a website with too many plugins many slow down your website loading speed.

Website Maintenance Service Provider

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